Zara Radio Free Version: Why Bother?

This is another piece of radio software that I tried to use before I discovered the joys of RadioDJ

“I had to switch to another program, I was using Zararadio would crash after 20hrs of use”

Zararadio was another piece of software I couldn’t get it to work properly. Even after reading the manual.

The crossfading was awful & I would always end up with lots of “dead air” between songs.

The sound quality was poor with some songs sounding distorted even though they sounded OK on other players.

It would frequently repeat songs & artists as it didn’t have any playlist rotation rules built in.

It wasn’t much cop when it came to leaving it unattended to automate my music.

Many a day I would wake up and look at the PC to find it wouldn’t be playing anything.

“You could never call Zara radio professional… It’s a horrid piece of software to even try and contemplate using to run a radio stream with. Infact we’d go as far as saying Zararadio is nothing more than a glorified music player”

Also ZaraRadio runs on a flat file system so your stuck if you want to have any form of web functionality.

I gave Zararadio about a months worth of patience then gave up on it.

It’s just another reason I’m so glad we discovered Radio DJ Free Radio Automation when we did.

“Unlike Zararadio, RadioDJ took all the hassle out of automating a stream & actually did what automation software is supposed to do AUTOMATE”

How To Install RadioDJ

Radio DJ works well when left unattended, has excellent audio quality as well as giving a smooth cross-fade between songs.

Plus RadioDJ has a database so you can have more website functionality. (i.e: Requests/Now Playing info in real time)

If you are still using Zararadio to automate your stations music with the question has to be WHY?

Last updated on: 3rd September 2018
at 14:59 PM Europe/London