A user on the RadioDJ forums wants the demo request (PHP) script to offer a bit more flexibility for user requests.

(i.e 2 listener requests from an IP per hour like SAM Broadcaster)

Update: You are however now able to do this via the WordPress plugin for RadioDJ

While it’s nice to have the request function in RadioDJ you have to remember you’re running a radio station not a jukebox.

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Requests from listeners are all well and good but treating your station like a jukebox isn’t going to win you many regular listeners.

Internet Radio is supposed be creative and entertaining.

If you just have listener request after listener request you might as well call your station “The World’s Biggest Jukebox”

I think a daily limit on requests (E.G: No more than 5 requests from 1 IP per day) is actually better than allowing so many requests per hour per IP address.

Remember you don’t have to play a request that someone has made. It’s just that “A request”

If people email you and complain that you’re not playing their requests.

Just ignore them it’s your station & it’s up to you to decide what gets played (& what doesn’t).

The less your stream sounds like a Jukebox the better it will be for your core base of listeners.

Last updated on: 29th September 2017
at 11:17 AM Europe/London