The same Amateurs I posted about the other week are at it again Tweeting questions to Sussex Police

Sussex Police won’t be able to help you with licencing issues you need the PRS and PPL for that in the UK.

“We would love to take it further onto DAB and we have been told we don’t need a licence for that”

This pair have no hope of getting their two bit radio station onto DAB (Digital Audio Broadcast) in the UK as they would need to stump up some serious Capital first.

“OFCOM don’t hand out DAB licences to just anyone!”

They’re getting ever so pathetic now, I could understand their ambition if they were running a half decent hobby radio station but as it stand they’re amateurs who have no clue about online radio.

Their station sounds awful the royalty free music they’re playing is dull and repetitive, As someone else pointed out they heard music being played that required a licence to stream.

“I just heard Voices by Rochelle Gabrielle on your station. Certainly not royalty free or legal”

If that’s the case they are seriously “living in dreamland” if they think they DON’T need a licence to stream music with…

Give it up Urban8Radio go find a better hobby… and stop annoying us on forums with your pathetic posts people are getting bored/annoyed with you.

I’ve nothing against anyone having Internet radio as a hobby, I just expect people who do start out to have at least some technical ability & so far this pair of wannabes don’t appear to have any.

P.S: No one is helping you on Forums because you’re RUDE and sound needy all the time. Plus you don’t seem to grasp the basics even when someone spells it out to you in black and white. We can’t do everything for you you have to learn from your mistakes.

Update August 2018

They’re now expecting other people to come to their rescue for £3000 for an FM licence (Which they have no hope of gaining) as well as a PRS licence,

There hasn’t been a donation so far! They can have the begging bowl out all they want no one will give a rats ass…

Last updated on: 6th August 2018
at 14:15 PM Europe/London