We’ve been accused of Making up the problems about SAM Broadcaster…

We used the program for just over 10 years so we know all of it’s little quirks and annoying issues and there are lots of them.

SAM Broadcaster software has caused me to swear many times over the years.


IF the software had been written properly to begin with and was a stable/reliable program then all these blog posts about the different issues within SAM wouldn’t have needed to be written.

We’ve tried running SAM Broadcaster on several computers and different operating systems over the years.

With pretty much the same results everytime we’ve gone to run the program.

SAM Broadcaster would crash after a while. Sometimes taking the database with it, or it wouldn’t fire up after a reboot of the computer.

Which then required a complete reinstall of the program from scratch, It became tiresome having to constantly uninstall/reinstall the program.

RadioDJ just automates music as it should, sometimes for weeks and months.

RadioDJ also has a nifty MySQL database backup tool (In case the worst should happen)

Also we’re not constantly having to rebuild the database with RadioDJ. Whereas with SAM Broadcaster it was a weekly/monthly problem.

RadioDJ is so reliable and stable we don’t need to worry about leaving the program alone to do the automation.

It really is about time Spacial Audio concentrated on making SAM Broadcaster a BUG FREE program. Otherwise they’re going to start losing even more customers

How To Install RadioDJ

Who knows maybe now Louis Louw has stepped down as CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of Spacial Audio the development team might just be able to start solving all of SAM’s known issues.

Lets face it there’s enough problems within the software for them to be fixing.

Still NOT holding our breath on that one though… We’ll believe it when I see it!

Last updated on: 13th August 2019
at 19:01 PM Europe/London