I’ve written a few posts on this blog pertaining to people looking for SAM Broadcaster Pro keys/cracks/keygens etc…

When I wrote them I had no idea that those posts would take on a life of their own.

Shocking Isn’t it?

The newer versions of SAM Broadcaster Pro have built in protection to stop the program being cracked/altered/patched but these IDIOTS still have a go anyway… Possibly putting their computers at risk while they’re installing the patches.

SAM Broadcaster Pro 2019 Key – SAM Broadcaster 2019.3 torrent – SAM Broadcaster Windows 10 Hack

Were among some of the most recent searches. It amuses me! In fact it makes me laugh out loud when I see what people have been searching for.

Its obvious now that there are so many desperate amateurs out there who will try anything to have a pirated copy of SAM Broadcaster.

As far as we’re aware Spacial Audio just bury their heads in the sand when it comes pirated versions of SAM Broadcaster.

Although DMCA Pro put in several DMCA complaints to Google every month on their behalf.

Why people try to bypass the licensing system in SAM Broadcaster is beyond us.

If your one of those people looking for pirated/cracked copies of SAM Broadcaster STOP IT!

You really don’t need to use pirated software when there is a FREE alternative!

download and Install RadioDJ free radio automation software

You just need to download and Install FREE software such as RadioDJ free radio automation software.

How To Install RadioDJ

RadioDJ will work 100% better than any patched/cracked copy of SAM Broadcaster ever could.

Stop using pirated software no one likes a software pirate!

Last updated on: 25th December 2019
at 10:50 AM Europe/London