Been watching a few forums where the same user has posted asking for help with various stuff to do with the request system in SAM Broadcaster as well as RadioDJ.

She then lets slip that’s she is using a really old copy of SAM Broadcaster 4.x.x and wants someone to supply her with SAM 3.x.x (Ye Gods!)

Then when when I pointed out the fact she was using pirated software she proceeded with abuse.

“Well Im sorry but I don’t have a newer version of sam someone did give me an updated version but its for win7 not win10

I got my sam from scotspaul, I’ll look elsewhere plus i have my requests working Whatever dumbo LOL”

The fact this ScotsPaul bloke (whoever he is) has provided you with a piece of software that costs $$$ means its software piracy.

You think whatever you want to sweetheart! Dumbo? You’re going to have to come up with a better insult…

I’m not the Amateur trying to run a radio station with illegal software.

You seem to me to be out of your depth on certain subjects and you always seem to be expecting everyone else to code your website for you.

That ain’t going to happen unless you pay for it, along with paying for the software you “Nicked” yes SAM Broadcaster costs $299!

This user really wants to make her mind up which piece of software she wants to stream with.

She asked for help over on the RadioDJ forums and was advised that the main reason she can’t get requests working is because she’s using a free website host who won’t open the ports for her.

She has also been asking about getting a Shoutcast Twitter script working BUT with her lack of knowledge and programming skills I doubt she will ever get that working.

“Stop trying to run before you can walk eh?”

She seriously needs to Uninstall the pirated copy of SAM Broadcaster from her PC and get out of the Internet Radio game altogether.

I’d go as far as say this person is a “bloody amateur” who obviously hasn’t got a clue about how radio automation software and websites work

Oh by the way you’re going to struggle getting help from people now they know you’re using illegal software. You can post all you like on the Spacial Audio forums none of the SVS volunteers are going to help you.

Now who’s the Dumb one?

Update May 2018: She now thinks that because she’s using RadioDJ that the software licence is covering her her licence/streaming fees

ERM! No IT isn’t! RadioDJ is only the automation software.

Someone somewhere is giving her false information or she’s too dense to realise what she’s doing, my money is again on the latter!

Her so called radio station has also been reported to the relevant authorities because she doesn’t appear to own a legit licence to stream with.

Last updated on: 17th May 2018
at 13:51 PM Europe/London