Over the last couple of years now Spacial audio have gone with a subscription based model for the newer versions of SAM Broadcaster.

Nothing wrong with that I hear you say…

“However should your subscription run out part way through the year, You are left stuck with the last version of SAM Broadcaster your subscription was eligible for & you would need to pay out $$$ all over again to upgrade to the latest version”

You don’t have this problem with RadioDJ free radio automation software

“RadioDJ doesn’t require year on year subscriptions & is FREE between updates & will never expire! There are NO hidden fees or catches just free software that doesn’t require keys/activation”

RadioDJ free radio automation software

No need to worry about paying $$$ for a subscription and you not being able to upgrade that piece of software when your subscription runs out.

Makes much more sense don’t you think?.

You won’t have to spend anymore money on software and you’ll be able to spend your spare $$$ on other stuff for your radio station.

This is just another reason free radio automation software rocks compared to paid for solutions.

“The days of constantly paying out $$$ for costly subscriptions for radio software are over!”

Make the switch to RadioDJ today you will be pleasantly surprised by how well it works compared to other paid for radio automation software.

You can find out how to Install RadioDJ Here

Last updated on: 21st July 2018
at 18:44 PM Europe/London