Got an email from Spacial Audio about their new promo “Spacial Swag” T-shirts and Travel Mugs.

Then I couldn’t help but notice yet again Spacial Audio have got their maths badly WRONG!

(OK OK Math if your in the USA)

The T-shirt retails at $35.00
The Travel mug is $12.50

Which in my mind makes a total of = $47.50

Yet the Combo offer T-shirt & mug says $52 (With Free USB pen to the first 20 customers)

The USB pen isn’t free you’ll have Paid $4.50 for it. $4.50 being the difference compared to buying the T-shirt and Mug separately.

I hope other people spot this before they make he purchase from their website if at all, The T-shirts look cheap and nasty and I don’t see the point in those travel mugs either, Its a smoke screen so nobody notices how poor their software offerings are again this year.

Really Spacial have things become that bad you have to resort to dodgy advertising and promos?

If you do go for the combo deal there will only be ONE MUG and that will be you!

Update 20/04/2018

Just been for a look at the Spacial Swag page on the website and they’ve reduced it down to $47.50 for both… I’ll call that a win again I think.

Guess Spacial realised they were In the wrong again! Just a shame you got caught out again isn’t it?

Last updated on: 30th April 2018
at 13:44 PM Europe/London