DMCA Pro has appeared in the referrers on Google analytics again… We’re guessing Spacial Audio still haven’t got the message.

They probably still think we have illegal copies of SAM Broadcaster available for download off this website.

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Afraid NOT we wouldn’t waste our bandwidth on SAM Broadcaster downloads and we certainly don’t supply any cracked software from this website.

The software we do have available for download from this blog is mainly RadioDJ related along with a few other FREEWARE programs & last time we looked…

We were freely available to distribute those as we saw fit.

Get the message Spacial Audio/DMCA Pro: There is NO illegal software on our servers or websites. We wouldn’t distribute pirated copies of SAM Broadcaster even if you paid us to!

ALL posts pertaining to cracked/pirated/warez software on this website are in the context of:

“Why use illegal software” when there are FREE legal alternatives (Without exception!)

It’s NOT our fault if people are actively distributing pirated copies of Spacial software on the Internet.

Now go away Spacial Audio and concentrate on those who actively pirate/crack your software!

If anyone is still in any doubt please read the DMCA page. That should help clarify things!

Last updated on: 10th May 2018
at 12:27 PM Europe/London