One of the biggest complaints I see ex SAM Broadcaster users make about RadioDJ free radio automation software is the fact that it doesn’t have built in Microphone button like SAM broadcasters Voice FX button.

There’s already been several explanations by Marius who codes RadioDJ as to why the program doesn’t offer the same feature.

“RadioDJ doesn’t support microphones plugged directly into the soundcard, Because any software processing will add delay and thus, A professional result cannot obtained in that way”

You can achieve much better results by using a sound mixer (with sliding controls) to control the audio from your microphone which is then routed into the Line In (BLUE) socket of the PC.


You have a couple of options when it comes to routing audio to various sources.

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You can find a download of a Virtual Audio cable program here Download Breakaway Pipeline

There is also Voicemeeter an advanced virtual audio device mixer For Windows. Which we believe is “Donation Ware” (You make a donation rather than pay for the software)

“Voicemeeter allows you to mix audio from different sources at the same time and you can set it to send the audio to another output”


That’s just 2 options you have for routing your audio. There may well be other solutions but we haven’t found them yet.

“You really don’t need a built in Voice FX button in radio software! When there is other software that will achieve the same results. These pieces of software should also give you a more professional sound”

Remember: Crap audio In = Crap audio on output!

Last updated on: 25th June 2019
at 14:55 PM Europe/London