What is it with certain sections of the Internet radio crowd?

We see lots of people complaining on social media that they are having problems running/using SAM Broadcaster.

No change there!

When we messaged or tweeted some of those people having issues with SAM Broadcaster to let them know about the better free alternative RadioDJ

Several of the people have come back with comments like this.

STOP right there! Saying things like tech support sucked won’t get you very far either.

Did you search the RadioDJ forums for advice & help? There are over 9 years of posts and solutions on the forums.

Most of the search results will give you solutions that will help with the smooth running of the program.

Did you actually post asking for help on the RadioDJ community ran forums?

Our guess is Probably NOT otherwise you would have found an answer/solution to your issues.

The information is out there if you search hard enough.

Moaning that RadioDJ isn’t doing what you want after 10 minutes of using the program just makes you look like a complete novice who doesn’t know how to use software.

It also sounds to me as if some of these people are expecting far too much from a FREE piece of software.

Stick with SAM Broadcaster and it’s quirks & lack of reliability if you have to…

You’ll find it outperforms other software for reliability and stability. Life could be stress free if only you switched software.

We wouldn’t have used RadioDJ as our music automation solution since 2010 if the program had been as bad as SAM Broadcaster and its associated issues.

One user had RadioDJ v1.8.2 running on his laptop for over 30 months with ZERO issues.

You need to upgrade that machine you can get new PC’s cheap on the Internet I paid less than £379 (GBP) $467 (USD) for a system that has an AMD 10 chip and 16GB RAM onboard and RadioDJ runs as sweet as a nut on that.

There are also no nasty hidden fees, keys or catches with RadioDJ just a FREE program that automates.

How To Install RadioDJ

Here’s a tip for you:

When we make a suggestion about using alternative free software we don’t expect you to start slinging abuse at us.

IF you can’t be nice and interact with people then you need to find a better hobby

Last updated on: 5th October 2019
at 11:38 AM Europe/London