As you probably know by now I swear by RadioDJ free radio automation software.

“While RadioDJ is primarily built for use in a radio studio, You don’t have to be a Radio DJ to use the program”

It also works great for automating your music collection at home.

We currently use Radio DJ for automating music in & around our flat.

With the request system it could also be used as a Jukebox in a pub/bar.

If you want to convert your CD’s to mp3/FLAC and you’re looking for a program that is easy to manage and great at automating your music collection then RadioDJ is the program you need.

It’s not really that difficult to get RadioDJ up and running.

You just need to follow some basic Instructions and have a bit of patience.

How To Install RadioDJ

Once you have RadioDJ installed and working you can then start importing music into the program.

From the options menu you will probably need to go into “Categories” to edit the categories you want your music to appear in.

Once you’ve sorted out categories and imported the music.

Then you will need to setup custom rotations you do that from the options menu and track rotations.

“When you create a rotation in Option>Tracks Rotation you have the option to save it into the database. Give it a memorable name”


After you’ve done that and the music is playing away nicely then the job is almost done.

If you want different styles of music at different times of day then you would use events to load the track rotation of your choice at a set time.

Events can be found by clicking on the “big bar” at the bottom of RadioDJ or via Option>Events

Once you have all that sorted you can keep playing with rotations and playlists until you have your music collection fully automated.

Top Tip: Don’t expect to learn everything about RadioDJ in the space of a week. It will take time to get used to what things do within the program.

Once you get used to RadioDJ you’ll love just how easy it is to use.

Who knows you might end up wanting to become a Radio DJ yourself?

Last updated on: 26th June 2019
at 10:58 AM Europe/London