So you’re new to RadioDJ and you just got it installed… Congrats!

Now I bet you’re wondering what that message means when you try to open the configuration options…

You Don't Have Access To This Feature Radio DJ

Its quite simple really you need to login with these details click on the head symbol down on the right hand side of RadioDJ (you will need RadioDJ maximised to see all the buttons)

Radio DJ options spanner button

Once you are logged into RadioDJ’s user control feature you have the opportunity to create your own account so only you have access to the admin side of things or you can disable user access altogether by ticking a box.

Its one of those things if you don’t know what is happening, you probably panicked a bit when you got that message.

But it was easily fixed eh?

Enjoy using RadioDJ!

Tip The options button is the button with the Spanner Icon:

Radio DJ options spanner button

Another common issue with RadioDJ after install is sometimes a message like this.

Its a rookie mistake it can happen to the best of us.

Remember to restart RadioDJ for any soundcard changes to take affect.

Last updated on: 10th October 2019
at 15:47 PM Europe/London