I’ve been using a copy of Windows 10 Home for over a year now and I haven’t paid to activate it.

Yet it still functions like a normal copy of Windows.

Windows 10

I run my copy of RadioDJ on it nearly everyday and for my needs it does what it should.

You’re not supposed to be able to customise Windows 10 but there are ways around it if you know how.

We’ve told a few services to shut up (Even Cortana) and used a program called WinAero to sort various bits out and we’ve got it nailed down nicely.

The only time I seem to need to restart the machine is when Windows Updates come along but even then that’s about once a month on Patch Tuesday

I’ve saved myself the best part of £150 by not paying for a Windows 10 licence.

I just hope Microsoft don’t change it anytime soon, I quite like being able to use Windows 10 for free, especially when my main operating system on this PC is Ubuntu Studio 18.04

That quote is from my better half & he’s right if you can’t run an unlicensed copy of Windows 10 why haven’t Microsoft blocked access to these versions?

I’ve ran Windows in a Virtual Machine (VMWare Player) for quite sometime now but AFAIK it shouldn’t matter if you’re running it on a normal computer.


Or do as I’ve done and run Linux/Ubuntu and run a Virtual Machine on that. You can find the media creation utility on the Microsoft website.

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Last updated on: 17th October 2019
at 18:33 PM Europe/London