Today I’ve been busy testing the Windows 10 developer preview.

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So far the results have been good it seems to handle rather well. It doesn’t seem as fiddly or as annoying as Windows 8 was.

I’ve done the same as I did when the Windows 8 developer preview came out.

Tested to see how RadioDJ handled being on a new version of Windows.

I got MariaDB installed without any issues. (Although I had to turn off the UAC)

Then did the Radio DJ install as usual.

When I went to set the RadioDJ database up I found Windows 10 wanted to automatically install .NET rather than having to search and download it manually. How cool is that?

The 64bit install seemed to have a few issues with RadioDJ until I realised that Visual basic needed to be installed.

After I’d installed the Visual Basic file RadioDJ seemed to work just fine.

After testing on the 64bit version which doesn’t seem to all that stable at the moment. I went onto installing the 32bit version.

The 32bit version seems to be holding up a little bit better than the 64bit version.

Radio DJ is chugging along nicely on the 32bit install.

So far I’m impressed with Windows 10, I shall keep updating my developer previews just to see what other changes they make to it.

I guess though we shall be sticking with Windows 7 until we’re forced to upgrade.

If you want to test the Windows 10 Developer Preview then you can find it on the Microsoft website Here.

Last updated on: 31st May 2017
at 16:27 PM Europe/London