As most of my readers will know by now I prefer to run Virtual boxes on Linux rather than have a Windows OS directly on the computer.

For the last week or so I’ve not been able to get Windows 10 to play ball audio wise.

I’ve tried Virtual audio cables, Voicemeeter and just Windows speaker output and can I get through listening to a song without the audio stuttering or popping?

Can I heckers like!

At first I thought it might be an issue with Virtualbox itself but after a Windows update the stuttering issue appeared to go away but the popping audio remained.

(I did ask on the Vbox forums but Couldn’t get a straight answer)

Its annoying me because I’ve had this configuration for ages and only now is it causing me any issues. It’s worked fine for months and months.

I’ve been advised to roll back on versions of Virtualbox but I don’t think that’s not where the issue lies, Its either

A) The Guest editions have some erroneous bug in them somewhere.
B) Its a problem with Windows 10 and the soundcard on board.

Either way its annoying and naff. I will get to the bottom of it one day soon.

This is the audio from when it happened. (It may sound like a remix but it isn’t, its the audio looping and sticking)

Until then I’ll have to use my Windows 7 Vbox which is streaming the songs out perfectly with no audio issues whatsoever.

It was working now it isn’t so something’s gone wrong somewhere!

I’m certainly not imagining these problems despite what some people might think.

“Its NOT RadioDJ at fault IMHO it has to be a Windows 10/VBox issue somewhere, We also tried Winamp but that popped and crackled and stuttered too”

It annoys me when Tech doesn’t work as it should it make me think I’ve done something wrong.

I shouldn’t be having these sort of problems on a new(ish) PC with 16GB of RAM onboard.

IF I find a solution I will update this post with details of the fix, I can’t be the only one with poor audio on Windows 10 on Virtualbox.

Update: Another Virtualbox user has posted details of an issue they’re having with a virtual machine on a Macbook so everything now points to Virtualbox having a major glitch/bug with Windows 10

One day we will get a fully functioning Virtualbox that works without glitches on Windows 10.

Last updated on: September 27th, 2017
at 15:58 PM Europe/London

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