A user has posted on the feature request section of the Winamp forums asking the developers to include “Smart crossfading” in the next version.


Any improvement in crossfading between tracks in Winamp would be welcomed.

When I used Winamp to stream my music back in 2002/2003 I could never get it to crossfade properly. I always ended up with lots of horrible gaps and silence between tracks no matter which crossfade plugin/settings I tried.

One of the crossfading plugins for Winamp (SQR) always used to freeze and crash after a few hours meaning a restart of the program.

The fact I could never get a decent crossfade with Winamp frustrated me big time but at the time there wasn’t much I could do about it.

These days we use better software that is designed for the job, and we don’t seem to have any issues with RadioDJ not crossfading properly.

I have my crossfade settings in RadioDJ like this.

With the above settings everything just seems to flow smoothly.

Why people still use Winamp to stream an online radio station with is beyond me, it used to be OK 15/16 years ago but technology has moved on.

“Everyone knows that RadioDJ is the future of radio/music automation software, You don’t even need to be a radio DJ to use it”


If you use the settings suggested and volume level all your tracks you will find RadioDJ just crossfades without even breaking a sweat!

How To Install RadioDJ

Smart crossfading in Winamp? Who knows what new features the developers will introduce into the program.

IF Winamp ever gets updated watch this space, still no new version of Winamp as of September 2018.

Last updated on: 15th July 2019
at 10:12 AM Europe/London