Why Still Use Windows XP & RadioDJ?

Update December 31st 2017: RadioDJ v.2.0.0 will NOT run on Windows XP due to .NET 4.6.1 not installing properly on XP

While trying to give help and advice to someone struggling to get MySQL talking to the RadioDJ web script the user let it slip that he’s still using Windows XP.

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That explains a lot it’s nearly 3 months since Microsoft stopped supporting that as an OS.

Further to that it’s bound to be full of security holes that Microsoft won’t be patching anytime soon.

**Update: 15th May 2017 Over the past few days there has been a large cyber attack on organisations with the WannaCrypt attacks its recommended you patch your copy of XP.

Or better still you need to be thinking about upgrading your computer its only a matter of time before another attack these hackers aren’t stupid.

Seriously if you are still using XP on an old computer there’s going to be hardware conflicts if you try installing newer hardware

What’s likely to happen there is lots of “Blue Screens of death” and no one wants them.

It’s probably time you splashed out on a newer system and operating system. You can get a decent tower for around £200 ($340) from Amazon.

RadioDJ seems to work rather well on Windows 7/8/10

If your serious about Internet Radio you want to be able to get the best performance out of your PC so things run smoothly.

Time to take a sledgehammer to that old tower!!

Last updated on: 11th March 2019
at 18:44 PM Europe/London