Not a week goes by without someone somewhere giving me grief about posts on this website, It’s really starting to get tiresome…

The vitriol seems to stem from posts I’ve written about software/websites not being up to par. Its almost as if I’m not allowed an opinion about anything.


I shouldn’t have to be wary/anxious about switching the computer on just in case I see some vitriol from some KNOB on social media or a forum.

I really would like to know why some of the Internet radio crowd are so against me?

I’ve tried my hardest over this past few years to help people where possible with software and other issues and it hurts to get abuse back from certain quarters.

(You know who you are!)

I’ve spent most of my life with people trying to tell me what to do, I didn’t allow it then and I’m sure as shit not going to put up with it now.

If you have something nasty to say to me or about my posts on this blog then please do the world a favour…

Keep your opinion to yourself!

I’ve heard virtually everything there is when it comes to people slinging abuse. It goes in one ear and out of the other these days.

Just be warned if you do decide to sling abuse on social media then you will be blocked. If you sling abuse on a forum you can forget about help from me.

Now if you don’t mind I have bigger things to concentrate on… I’m taking a back seat for a while.