This was a search I saw on Google analytics recently.

The person who made that search is correct in asking one thing.

SAM Broadcaster in its various flavours (Pro/Studio) can cost between $299 and $699

Now we could understand those price tags if SAM was worth buying but alas it isn’t.

SAM Broadcaster studio

I tried using SAM Broadcaster way back in 1999 when I was first looking for audio playback software. It was known as Streaming Audio Manager that’s what SAM stands for.

SAM Broadcaster was first developed 20 years ago by a bunch of hobby broadcasters and to some extents still suffers from some of the same glaring errors and issues it had when SAM v1.3 came out.

You couldn’t add a huge folder of music into version 1.3 the software it would freeze and then crash it you tried to do that.

SAM v1.3 needed Winamp as a back-end player, Even when SAM v2.x.x came out it wasn’t worth the price tag they were charging.

SAM had so much promise at first but the developers behind it seemed lazy and didn’t seem interested in fixing the glaring bugs or improving the programs stability.

Stability isn’t something you get from SAM Broadcaster it would crash and burn frequently and you had to faff around reinstalling from scratch.

It’s rare that the developers introduce new features into the software. Most of the time its quick fixes for parts of the software that stopped working correctly such as album art lookup.

So back to the original question Why is SAM so expensive?

We believe It’s because they (Spacial Audio) think that’s what their software is worth… Most EX SAM users would tell you a different story.

We regularly see users switching from SAM to RadioDJ free radio automation software.

How To Install RadioDJ

Despite claims by Spacial Audio Solutions LLC, RadioDJ really is 100% FREE with No catches.

Switch to RadioDJ today You’ll feel all warm and squishy when you do!

Last updated on: 8th December 2019
at 07:47 AM Europe/London