Someone recently made a search on Google and landed on this website:

Why is my SAM Broadcaster Pro Crashing?

We’ve also noticed these search terms pop up on our Google Analytics dashboard.

We often see people saying things about the lack of stability & reliability with SAM Broadcaster.

“We’re running SAM Broadcaster Pro on Windows 7, It often crashes and sometimes won’t restart after a computer reboot which means we have to reinstall the program from scratch”

As to why SAM Broadcaster crashes at random intervals is anyone’s guess…

Although in the newer versions it can be something as simple as the SAMBC.core.xml file being corrupted that causes SAM to go wrong.

The problem with SAM Broadcaster crashing without warning has always happened. It has always been a program plagued with problems (bugs) that don’t appear to be getting fixed by the developers

However when it comes to radio automation software these days you have a choice.

Forget paying $$$ for SAM Broadcaster Pro (Which is proven to be unstable) just install a free & stable program such as RadioDJ

A user of RadioDJ had this to say:

RadioDJ free radio automation software

How To Install RadioDJ

@spacial You’re recent update of Sam Broadcaster keeps crashing on me unexpectedly, are you aware of it happening with other users?

We’ve used RadioDJ since late 2010 and haven’t experienced the same random crashing/freezing issues we had when using SAM Broadcaster.

Infact its never knowingly crashed while we’ve been using it

The only time we usually have to restart RadioDJ is when Windows updates require a computer reboot.

Despite what some people might think/say RadioDJ really is FREE with No catches or hidden costs.

It really is time people stopped paying out $$$ for radio automation software that doesn’t work as advertised!

Last updated on: 10th January 2020
at 18:03 PM Europe/London