Saw this post on a forum on a post about RadioDJ free radio automation software.

“The biggest fail with RadioDJ to me is the reliance upon a MySQL database”

RadioDJ database setup new

The fact RadioDJ relies on a database for some of it’s functions is actually one of it’s PLUS points.

Some radio automation programs run with a flat file system & don’t appear to have any form of web integration.

“WE never hear anyone question why another well known automation program comes with 4 different database options”

Sam Broadcaster Database options

With RadioDJ You can take a database backup on one machine and then easily restore it on another machine using the database backup tool. So you have all the same songs/rotation/events on different machines.

As far as we know you cannot do that with other well known paid for radio automation software without the knowledge of batch files (.bat) or MySQL workbench which is scary if you don’t know what you are doing.

Even if you manage to backup your SQL database with other radio playout software you’re not always able to save all your table data. It may not backup/restore the tables properly.

MySQL isn’t that scary once you get used to the basics and the database with RadioDJ has been kept simple, and easy to configure.

We use MariaDB to run our copy of RadioDJ with and never have an issue.

The database structure in RadioDJ is that stable/reliable users aren’t having to constantly rebuild the database every week/month

We haven’t had to rebuild our database since June 2014 & we take a daily backup of it using the backup tool.

“We still don’t see what peoples problem is with using an MySQL database alongside automation software”

Can we please get past this MYTH that RadioDJ needing an MySQL database being a bad thing?

If YOU took the time to get used to what RadioDJ can do for you and your radio station then you would realise why it has a database structure.

Another plus point for having a MySQL database with RadioDJ?

Download and Install it for yourself today you’ll be glad you made the switch.

How To Install RadioDJ

Last updated on: 8th February 2020
at 09:40 AM Europe/London