Not a month goes by without us seeing posts on social media from people having issues with SAM Broadcaster crashing on them without warning.

I replied to one user having this issue to let him know about RadioDJ free radio automation software being far more stable & reliable than SAM Broadcaster.

He hasn’t even had the decency to reply. If he wants to stick with a piece of software that crashes without warning then that’s his lookout!

When something goes wrong with SAM Broadcaster the Spacial Audio support department don’t seem to want to know about users problems.

We ditched SAM Broadcaster in January 2011 because we got fed up with the lack of support and reliability.

8+ years on SAM Broadcaster still seems to be the same badly programmed POS it always was and is still prone to crashing or going wrong.

Radio DJ is the future of radio automation software and doesn’t tend to go wrong like SAM Broadcaster.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

How To Install RadioDJ

We’re not saying RadioDJ is 100% perfect like all software it has its quirks but we’ve NEVER had it crash on us like SAM Broadcaster did many a time during a live show.

An Ex SAM user recently said this:

Users of SAM Broadcaster are paying out $$$ to Spacial Audio for yearly subscriptions and they’re getting very little back in the way of new features or bug fixes.

Every time there’s been a new release of RadioDJ there’s always been new features added

Spacial Audio’s development & support teams don’t seem to care about the program(s) they are supposed to be coding/supporting.

They do as they please and it’s very much a case of sod the customers who are sometimes spending hundreds of $$$ on their software.

RadioDJ doesn’t have any major bugs (that we’re aware of) it’s well programmed and works like a trooper without anyone needing to keep an eye on the program.

WHY whinge and moan on social media about software (SAM Broadcaster) going wrong if you’re NOT willing to take our advice about other reliable software?

If you just gave RadioDJ a chance you would find it would work everytime you needed it.

Last updated on: 6th September 2019
at 12:17 PM Europe/London