OK People in the world of Internet radio can you all do me a huge favour?

“Stop telling me what to think/post/write on this website and even social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook”

I’m getting royally fed up of people having a go at me because of my dislike for a certain piece(s) of software.

It’s all getting a bit boring when trolls start hiding behind their keyboards to dish out abuse and vitriol.

I also don’t expect to get slated when I post a solution to a problem that someone is having with software.

When I feel a piece of software is worth using of course I’ll promote it via social media and my website.

This is some of the recent abuse I’ve received while promoting RadioDJ.

“Well Its only as good as its promoter, you’re clearly stuck up your own arse so it’ll be shit”

How can I be stuck up my own arse for promoting/suggesting an alternative piece of free software?

I wish I knew why people seem to think that about me, I’m really a friendly helpful thoughtful person. I’ve spent well over 7 years giving helpful advice out on the RadioDJ forums.

Just because you happen to think a certain piece of software can do no wrong it doesn’t mean everyone had a smooth experience with that piece of software.

I’m afraid I had a different experience from everyone else. When software doesn’t work for what it was designed for or as advertised then I really do get annoyed. I hate wasting my money and valuable time on products that don’t work.

“It’s NOT like I started hating SAM Broadcaster after first using it. I spent well over 8 years of trying to get it to do what it was supposed to and you’d be annoyed if you had wasted that much time on a piece of software”

Hence why this blog exists. I started it to let off a bit of steam about SAM Broadcaster and it’s “Issues”.

“No one forces anyone to read the posts on this website”

If you don’t like what you read on this website why not start writing your own blog?

“Although that doesn’t give you Carte Blanche to use it to spread lies about me”

I realise people don’t like me and my website because of my posts about SAM Broadcaster it seems the truth offends some people!

I wish I knew why people seem to think that “free software” alternatives to paid for software solutions are a bad thing!

“The way some people react when I suggest RadioDJ you’d think I’d just handed them a radioactive turd from Chernobyl”

I often get abuse online just for promoting stuff… Which is just a little bit pathetic when you think about it!

I’m getting bored with it all and enough is enough!!

Dish out abuse towards me or even try and tell me what to think and you will quickly find yourself being told where to go!

I don’t surf the Internet for TROLLS to make my life a misery!

The amount of abuse I’ve had because of this website this past few years has been awful.

In future stop having a go at me just because I promote a free piece of software over paid for software.

I’m fed up to the back teeth with some of the trolls who lurk in the shadows of Internet radio just waiting to have a go

Certain pieces of paid for radio automation software on the market really do suck and shouldn’t be used by anyone!!

Last updated on: 21st July 2018
at 18:40 PM Europe/London