I’ve just gone to check email and noticed a regular marketing email in the Junk folder, It was from Spacial Audio Informing people that it was their Black Friday promotion.

Spacial Audio Black Friday

I only put my email on the marketing list to keep on top of what the latest offer was from them.

Reading down the email they offer 50% discounts on their software then they announce there’s also a competition.

What’s the catch I hear people ask?:

Hang on a minute!

5 x 2 year subscriptions? My maths work it out as 1 year extra.

Users get a 1 year subscription when they purchase (lease) the software, so in essence Spacial are only giving users an extra 1 year licence…

Spacial Audio Solutions yet again playing fast and loose with the terms/prizes of one of their competitions.

Its appears to be just another desperate bid to try and sell some software. Its not as if the other prizes are worth the bother TBH!

It seems Spacial are worried that they’re losing out big time to other FREELY available radio automation software.

Deary me Spacial Audio did you really think no one would notice you trying to pull a fast one?

P.S: This is not a marketing gimmick for other software.

Last updated on: 8th December 2019
at 07:43 AM Europe/London