What No Microphone Input? (RadioDJ)

Every so often we keep seeing requests on the RadioDJ forums from people asking for a microphone button like the one in SAM Broadcaster.

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Personally we think it’s a bad idea having a microphone input in software. The latency issues with SAM Broadcaster Voice FX were just a nightmare.

I could never get the Voice FX working in SAM Broadcaster no matter how many different settings I tried. Even with a mixing desk routing the audio to the PC It always made me sound awful.

RadioDJ had a microphone button before back on version 1.6.0 and latency issues were common with that as well.

“However you DON’T need a microphone input in radio software and in all fairness RadioDJ is only a studio automation program not a full studio solution”

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There is a simple solution to using a microphone along side Radio DJ without having to use an input button.

How to get your microphone sound to the encoder?

1) Buy a decent microphone (if you haven’t already got one)
2) Get your self a decent 3/4 channel mixer with sliding controls (you can get those cheap enough on eBay)
3) Route the output from the mixer into the line in (blue) socket of your PC.
4) Use Voicemeeter Banana to mix the audio from various inputs. (e.g RadioDJ & Line in)
5) Then send the final audio from Voicemeeter Banana to a stand alone encoding program

Providing you have your mixer set up properly you should have no problems speaking over your stream.

A user of RadioDJ recently said this.

“RadioDJ doesn’t feature the VoiceFX like SAM does, but with software like Voicemeeter Banana I overcame that! Works even better”

Using the above method will make you and your station & stream sound much more professional. Your listeners will grow and they will thank you for a great sounding stream.

It may take time to get the perfect setup don’t expect to have it running in 5 minutes.

Last updated on: 22nd August 2018
at 13:06 PM Europe/London