If you’re a regular to this blog you’ll know I’m no stranger to pulling Spacial Audio up about things they’ve failed to do over the years.

SAM Broadcaster Pro

Users have been asking for a 3rd deck (Deck C) in SAM Broadcaster Pro alongside the main two players for a LOT of years now.

Its a request that appears on the forum every so often on the forums BUT according to an SVS volunteer “There are NO Spacial employees actively participating on the forums” anymore.

So its very likely that your requests for a 3rd deck may be falling on DEAF ears. Spacial Audio very rarely add any features to their software.

Yes SAM has Aux decks but they’re not the same as having a 3rd deck.

Knowing how Spacial Audio operate I would be surprised if users see any major upgrades to the software anytime soon.

They plod along each year all the while taking subscriptions and doing nothing to update the software.

With Spacial its usually a case of “We’ve had your money now go away” they don’t care about the people actually paying through the nose to use their software and associated cloud products.

At least other radio playout software gets updated regularly with new features.

When development of a piece of radio automation software stalls its its time to look elsewhere for software that gets updated regularly…

Last updated on: 11th April 2020
at 17:05 PM Europe/London