Its December 2019 and I’ve just looked at the Changelog For SAM Broadcaster

Its sad I’m having to write this!

Oh really Spacial why do you feel the need to block traffic from this website? The truth obviously HURTS!

SAM Broadcaster Pro

There have ONLY been 3 releases of SAM Broadcaster in its various guises so far in 2019 the last version was released back in August 2019…

A couple of those releases seem to have been fixes for stuff that was broken in previous versions of SAM Broadcaster Pro.

Spacial Audio don’t appear to have added that many new features into the software this year.

Its mainly MySQL 8 and MariaDB support that’s been added this year.

Spacial are way behind the curve with MariaDB support some of us have been using MariaDB for over for 5 years!

They’ve finally put in a file manager but again they’re way behind on stuff like that.

From what we can gather there is a single developer in charge of coding all Spacial Audio software these days maybe that’s why things have been a little slow?

People paying year on year subscriptions haven’t been getting value for money since Spacial Audio started the subscription model back in 2013.

We really don’t know why people pay Spacial Audio for SAM Broadcaster Pro/Studio because its clear they do NOT care for the software.

SAM Broadcaster is pretty much in the same state it was in at least 18 years ago with the same glaring bugs that stop people in their tracks time after time.

A lot of broadcasters have already seen through Spacial Audio and their annual subscription plans by switching to RadioDJ

Software such as RadioDJ doesn’t require year on year subscriptions.

Update January 2020: Spacial have released the first 2020 version. But again not much has been done in the way of new features.

v2020.1 (13 January 2020)
* Notes window for quick notes or static information area.

Notes Window now I wonder which piece of software they nicked that idea from?

One user has already had this to say on the SAM Broadcaster forums.

“Really guys? A notes window is that the best the talents at Spacial Audio have to offer? Aside from the fact that we’ve been going for a few years now with absolutely NO major improvements”

Spacial Audio will have no customers left to serve at this rate.

This post isn’t a marketing gimmick for other software Its ME stating facts as to how I think subscribers are quite frankly being taken for a ride by a software company.

But if you are looking for an alternative to paying out $$$ every year for lacklustre software then you really do need to switch.


Last updated on: 18th January 2020
at 10:09 AM Europe/London