I asked my partner to find out when we actually installed MariaDB on our PC that we run RadioDJ from.

We’ve had MariaDB installed on all of our machines since June 2014. Including any website servers its rare we have to do any maintenance.

Since we started using MariadB we’ve only had 1 maybe 2 issues with a database table becoming corrupted after a sudden/improper shutdown of the computer.

Which was easily fixed using HeidiSQL to repair the tables

“MariaDB should install this for you on Windows”

RadioDJ running alongside MariaDB hardly uses CPU or Memory.

“We could never say the same about another well known automation program. The CPU would spike and the database would crash when you least expected it and was royal pain to fix again. That’s if you were lucky enough to retrieve your database as that program never had a proper database backup tool”

We take a regular daily backups of our database with the RadioDJ database setup tool.

The database in RadioDJ is far more robust and tends not to go wrong unless something major happens on the PC running it.

On the whole @MariaDB seems to work like a star.

We’d like to thank the development team at MariaDB for making such a wonderfully stable SQL server program.

What Database Issues? I wouldn’t have a stable reliable music stream without it!

RadioDJ of course has to take some of the credit.

“RadioDJ and MariaDB are the most reliable and stable pieces of software we’ve EVER used and we’ve used lots of other database powered automation solutions”

So next time you’re looking to install a database for use with a radio automation program such as RadioDJ

“MariaDB is the MySQL database solution EVERYONE should be using”

September 2017: We’ve recently switched from the Windows based SQL server to one running on a Linux machine RadioDJ seems to cope OK in a Virtual Machine and a connection to the Linux database.

Last updated on: 2nd August 2018
at 10:21 AM Europe/London