Just seen a post on the RadioDJ forums from a user of the software who has put together a website of the Weekly American Top 40 Charts.

He spent over 10 years compiling and posting the American Top 40 charts for every week in the rock era from 1955 (and working on 2007 to current).

He has a small group of people working on the project to correct errors and make sure each chart is 100% accurate and complete.

So if you need a reference to all of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s Top 40 charts. Then the following 2 buttons should take you where you need to go.

American Weekly Top 40

The Singles Chronology

It is a complete and accurate list of every song ever released one the USA Billboard charts in their chronological order from 1955 to now.

This is good for programming a Classic Hits, Pop/Top 40 station, even a Classic Rock station could weed through all of the chart entries to find their Classic Rock songs in there.


You can copy and paste the charts easily to a Word file so you can refer to them when you are wanting to program music, or just wanting to look over the music of your past.

It’s certainly going to make things easier for doing a charts program with. Thanks to J T Michaelson for sharing these two websites.

We hope he gets the project finished eventually!

Last updated on: 3rd January 2020
at 12:10 PM Europe/London