Saw a link popup on the Internet a few days ago for a new radio listing site called “myradiotuner” from the same guy who codes Nextkast so I went and had a look at the website.


When I first tried it I was greeted by a static page although I got stations to play eventually on another browser. Yes I know its under construction but even then It doesn’t look great, The coding/layout looks almost like a clone of the Nextkast website.

“Seriously does the world need another radio station listing website?”

You already have the likes of Shoutcast, RadioTuna, Tunein, Radioplayer, Radiofeeds, Internetradio, Radio locator, Streema, Radionomy.

The web is literally overrun with radio listing sites, So we think the guy behind this new website has missed the boat on that one!

Plus the guy cherry picks what stations get listed.

“We only list stations we find are of higher quality in music selection/programming/imaging/sound quality relative to bitrate”

So if your station happens to sound a bit crap he will remove the listing. Sort of defeats the whole idea of Internet radio if you ask me.

Here’s an idea Winston why don’t you forget about launching a radio station listing website and concentrate on making your software better instead?

You’ll just be wasting your time coding another website for radio station listings.

Last updated on: 26th March 2017
at 15:21 PM Europe/London