OK so we’re a bit late to the party as we’ve been using Virtual audio cables for the past couple of years.

We’ve heard great things about this piece of software from a lot of people who use it with RadioDJ

We finally had chance to test VoiceMeeter which is a virtual audio mixer.

I wondered why we hadn’t installed and tested this piece of software sooner!

“It eliminates the need for a microphone input in automation software”

After installing Voicemeeter we it up and running in a round 5 minutes we found it wasn’t that difficult to setup and use.


Using a program such as Voicemeeter will make your audio output sound just that bit more professional.

Someone has done a video tutorial on using RadioDJ alongside Voicemeeter and Skype

If we were still running a stream we’d be happy to use this program to mix the audio with. It would make Internet radio a pleasure to do.

Last updated on: 13th August 2019
at 10:04 AM Europe/London