I wrote a post a while back about Audio Issues I was having with Windows 10 on Virtualbox.

This morning I woke up, switched the PC on and saw there was an update for Virtualbox so I installed it and BOOM! the audio stuttering issues on Windows 10 seem to have gone away, although there is still the occasional blip in audio which I can live with (but it winds me up)

To say I was confused by this error when it first struck was an understatement I’ve torn out what little hair I have while troubleshooting.

But now around 6 months later we know the real culprit was indeed VB, People thought I was imagining the problem when I reported it way back on the 21 Jul 2017.

I just hope next time it happens that they get a bug fix out for it quicker than they have…

Now maybe I can go back to listening to my music on Windows 10, Windows 7 was OK but it did my head in with the constant “activate” balloon messages.

I knew it couldn’t have been RadioDJ at fault as that works when its usually required for playing music with.

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