With everything that’s gone on this past few weeks in regards to the new Licence fee rate hikes.

It’s no surprise that some online stations have decided to go off air because of the costs involved.

I’ve just had this brought to my attention on a broadcasting forum.

There is a group of ex US Broadcasters that were forced off the air because of the hike in royalty rates, and these people have decided to form a vigilante stream monitoring group.

Apparently IF this group finds an online station that has content available within the confines of the United States and the station is not paying the appropriate royalties – this group will document the stream and report the station to RIAA.

Hang on a minute! Who made them Judge/Jury/Executioner? It’s like being back in the school playground.

Just because you’ve had to call it a day doesn’t mean you have to make life miserable for others!

We guess these ex Broadcasters figure they can help spread the Hate and Discontent to everyone.

If someone wants to be a pirate on the Internet and believe me there are literally 1000’s of them, then leave them to it and let the Authorities deal with them.

“They’ll probably get caught out sooner or later anyway without your snooping!”

Mind having said that does anyone really check if an online radio station is legit or not?

We know of a few online radio stations who have been on the net for over 14 years and as far as we’re aware they have NEVER paid for a licence to stream.

Now you’ve stopped streaming because of the hike in fees why don’t you find another hobby and leave other hobby Broadcasters alone to do what they want to do?

Being part of a stream monitoring vigilante group doesn’t make you GOD if anything it actually makes you look really really Pathetic!

I’m actually glad I no longer run a stream because of people pulling stunts like this.

That’s the problem with the Internet these days, There’s always some troll lurking in the shadows waiting to pounce to start giving you grief.

You’d be amazed at how much abuse I receive just for promoting free radio software over paid for solutions.

Internet radio used to be a fun hobby when I first discovered it… Now with SAD pathetic individuals like this running vigilante groups it isn’t.

I swear some people deliberately want to take the fun out of everything on the Internet.

Bloody Killjoys!

Last updated on: 22nd September 2016
at 08:43 AM Europe/London