Spacial Audio have written another blog post about SAM DJ (Formerly SAM Party DJ)

They claim its great for mixing/beat matching with..?

“SAM Party DJ might be great for a bar or restaurant to provide background music, but it’s clearly not suitable for doing “live DJ work”

Yes I thought that too!

This is a line that really stuck out in the blog post

“SAM DJ is designed to detect, match and transition between the right sort of songs on your playlist”

Its just a stripped down version of SAM Broadcaster (without the encoders or PAL scripts)

The crossfading in SAM Party DJ isn’t much cop as its the same crossfading that’s in SAM Broadcaster and that really can mess up your Segway’s.

We have yet to have a smooth transition between tracks with Spacial Audio software no matter what settings we tried.

“But House and Club DJs? You really need to get the segue good in these styles or people will laugh at you”

You cannot achieve the same mixing results from SAM DJ that you can from other well known DJ mixing programs such as Traktor, Virtual DJ and Mixx

“People in the business (Live DJs who do a set on the weekend in a club or resident DJs in clubs running the whole night) are very unlikely to ever consider SAM DJ as a suitable replacement for real hardware (turntables, CD players + mixer) or other purpose-built software”

You’d get laughed off stage IF and when SAM DJ decides to crash on you during a set and that would be embarrassing!

SAM (Party) DJ isn’t a DJ mixing program however much Spacial Audio try and make it out to be…

Just desperation for sales we guess.

Last updated on: 7th July 2019
at 09:02 AM Europe/London