So you’ve discovered and installed RadioDJ congratulations.

Now we bet you’re wondering how you stream the audio from RadioDJ to your Shoutcast or Icecast server.

A stand alone piece of encoding software needn’t be difficult. Once you get it downloaded and installed & sort the settings so it recognises your soundcard that’s the most difficult part done.

Using a stand-alone encoder is no more difficult to configure than most of the built in ones.

RadioDJ and Sound Empire Caster

Using a stand alone encoding solution means you can leave RadioDJ to do what it does best and that’s automate Jingles/Songs/Promos and Events etc…

While the stand alone encoder takes the strain of the encoding.

We’ve used the stand alone encoder method since at least 2011 and haven’t had a single issue. We certainly didn’t notice any buffering issues while running a stream or live show.

We were lucky to get the built in encoders in most radio automation software to stream properly, The encoders would buffer on us LOTS and even while streaming to a local Shoutcast server on the home network.

The FREE encoding software does A LOT BETTER than some of the the built in encoders, We’ve been into Internet radio for 20 years now and Its safe to say we’ve tested LOTS of encoding solutions in that time.

We found that Stand alone encoding solutions held up a lot longer than the built in encoders ever did.

We’ve heard great things about Sound Empire Caster when it comes to streaming its a really good encoder written by a Ukrainian software developer. It is currently free despite the demo key button.

Sound Empire Caster 1.2.7

Sound Empire Caster held up for over 12 hours in our tests without buffering.

We’d imagine it would hold up a lot longer if we had the time and money to invest on keeping computers online 24/7.

Download SE Caster Here

There is also MB Recaster which is an encoder program developed by an Italian developer.

Download MB Recaster

How To Activate An Encoder

Once you get used to a stand alone encoder you’ll realise how simple it can be.

If you’re still not convinced about using stand alone encoding software then there is NO hope for you my friend.

There’s only so many people in this world willing to listen to advice I guess.

P.S: There are a couple of paid for encoding solutions but we don’t know how they fare as we’ve never had enough time to test them properly.

Last updated on: 25th April 2020
at 10:24 AM Europe/London