Recently I was made aware of a company on Social Media offering Shoutcast packages.

So I went and had a look at the website.

While I was greeted with a very smart looking website when I actually got to the price plans I saw their services came with “unlimited” listener slots

Unlimited listeners?

$19.00 a month gets you 3GB of storage, 64kbps bitrate and Oh Look “Unlimited Listeners”

If you decide that’s not enough for you you can always go for their “Platinum Radio Package”

(Again) Unlimited Listeners
128Kbps bitrate
Unlimited Audio File Storage

AFAIK there is NO such thing as “Unlimited” when it comes to a server they all max out processing power, disk space and bandwidth eventually

Why do these shoutcast streaming hosts feel the need to offer customers packages that are just very poor value for money?

We used to pay around $11.95 a month for a self managed VPS With 150GB of storage space and 4TB bandwidth and I used to run my Shoutcast servers on that.

Before you sign up for a Shoutcast or VPS host do your homework. Read customer reviews and stuff like that.

Don’t be taken for a ride by a fly by night company who offer “Unlimited Listeners” then later try to cap your monthly bandwidth or do a disappearing act like my first Shoutcast host did.

Always go for a package that just has listener limits that way you know the company has enough bandwidth for you to stream to your listeners successfully!

Unlimited Listeners? My Arse!