Why So Unfriendly? That is the current question I am asking myself.

I’ve been a DJ for over 27 years now. I’ve never had an ego about it. I’ve always just been ME!

I’ve always had issues with other DJ’s thinking they were better than me which really got on my nerves.

This problem has only got worse recently it seems a huge clique of the Internet radio crowd seem to want to make my life hell.

Which in turn has made me question whether or not I want to carry on being a DJ let alone a Radio DJ. It’s a sorry state of affairs when stuff like this happens.

I thought broadcasting was supposed be “Professional” & not like a school playground.

I know the majority of the Internet radio crowd have taken against me because of my huge dislike for SAM Broadcaster, I’m sorry but there is no way on this earth SAM is worth $299 and I want to make sure I get that message across.

Regardless of what you think about me I’m still a human being, who last time I looked is still entitled to an opinion on something.

I’d very much prefer it if certain people within the world of Internet radio would just disappear altogether.

I can be doing without the stress….

To those who want to give me hell how about you GO TO HELL??

I’m past caring and currently thinking about what I do next.

Last updated on: May 31st, 2017
at 16:30 PM Europe/London

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