I keep seeing tweets on Twitter where DJ’s are having to apologise to their listeners because SAM Broadcaster crashed on them during a live show.

SAM-Broadcasterstopped working

“We’re experiencing issues with SAM Broadcaster so unfortunately today’s show is being cancelled. Sorry everyone”

DJ’s & station owners shouldn’t have to put up with SAM Broadcaster crashing on them just as they’re about to go live on the Internet.

It happened to us more than once when we used SAM. I personally had 8 years of SAM letting me down.

“Things like this should NEVER happen with radio automation software!”

“It ends up making the DJ look stupid and no DJ wants that feeling”

My advice to these DJ’s who are having issues with SAM Broadcaster crashing on them before a live show is switch to RadioDJ FREE radio automation software.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

Download RadioDJ v2

RadioDJ works like an automation program should.

It doesn’t crash or freeze like SAM Broadcaster and is really stable. One user had RadioDJ v1.8.2 up and running for 24 months straight.

If you see a DJ on Twitter tweeting stuff like this…

“Today’s Show is being cancelled because SAM Broadcaster won’t co-operate”

Point them in the direction of RadioDJ

RadioDJ is the future of radio automation software and it’s also 100% FREE (Not Misleading!)

Make the switch to RadioDJ today. It won’t let you down like SAM Broadcaster does so often.

Last updated on: 30th April 2018
at 11:26 AM Europe/London