I keep getting various searches through relating to Altacast plugin for v1.8.2 not working as it should.

The main search being for “Ultacast not showing up in RadioDJ” We know they all mean Altacast.

Altacast Plugin RadioDJ v1.8.2

Its not a huge surprise that the Altacast plugin isn’t working correctly it hasn’t seen any development since 2016.

The developer hasn’t been seen for a long time on the forums. We miss your wisdom SnowHow!

Its NOT supported on the RadioDJ forums so don’t even think about asking there.

Anyone asking for help with it on the RadioDJ forums will have their posts removed.

I’m going to suggest you remove the plugin and then download a stand alone encoder instead.

A standalone encoder frees up RadioDJ to just automate the music/jingles/promos

Altacast was known to use most of the CPU while running multiple encoders which in turn made RadioDJ freeze.

Altacast was an OK plugin but if its not working correctly on newer operating systems then tough luck!

Just switch to stand alone encoding and you’ll notice a huge difference, you won’t see RadioDJ freeze.