We wish we knew what people's problem is with free software...

We’ve had grief again for promoting RadioDJ, and dispelling a few myths about it too.

It’s almost as if certain sections of the Internet radio crowd see RadioDJ as a threat?!


“We also realise that certain people in the world of online radio don’t like this website/blog because of our posts about SAM Broadcaster and its many issues”

Don't shoot the messenger!

It also appears that some people can’t stand the fact we promote free software over paid for solutions.

It’s mainly the Shoutcast/Streaming hosts who have affiliate links to Spacial Audio from their websites who seem to get the most defensive.

They’re the ones who seem to protest the most and try to rubbish software like RadioDJ

We guess it’s because no one is clicking the affiliate links to buy SAM Broadcaster via their website.

Free software is not your enemy!

The same goes for running a SQL server that isn’t your enemy either!

“We can’t stress this enough: RadioDJ works brilliantly compared to other radio software solutions that sometimes cost hundreds of $$$”

Once RadioDJ is setup and running the program automates music/promos/jingles as a well programmed radio automation solution should.

How To Install RadioDJ

If you actually worked with RadioDJ (rather than against it) you would realise just how awesome, reliable and stable the program is.

The world of Internet radio is in turmoil at the moment and people are looking to save money where they can in order to survive.

So really you should be telling people about RadioDJ as an alternative to paid software. Who knows they might still pay you for your overpriced stream hosting services?

Seriously though, If you’re a stream provider and you see RadioDJ as a threat (Because you need the income from people clicking through to buy SAM Broadcaster via your affiliate links) then maybe just maybe it’s time to get out of the stream hosting business and get a another job to pay your bills!

“People seem to forget: We’re perfectly entitled to do as we see fit when it comes to promoting free software. We’re just about fed up being told what we can and can’t write on the Internet & forums by keyboard warriors who think they’re better than everyone else”

It’s not our fault if RadioDJ outperforms other paid for radio automation software now is it?

Threatened by free software? Just how stupid do you want to make yourself look?

Last updated on: 12th September 2018
at 13:13 PM Europe/London