I went through the latest DMCA complaints filed by DMCA Pro on behalf of Spacial Audio on Lumen Database recently only to find Spacial had filed a complaint to Google about a post on this website.

Lumen database

If Spacial Audio’s DMCA agents had actually read the posts properly before they made complaints about them, They would have known we weren’t hawking pirated software.

OK so the post DMCA Pro has filed a complaint about does indeed mention the word “CRACK” in its title.

However the rest of the post is clearly in the context of:

“Why be stupid and use pirated software when there are FREE legal alternatives”

We wouldn’t be stupid enough to actually offer pirated copies of SAM Broadcaster or SAM Cast or other Spacial software from this website.

This website isn’t your problem @Spacial… Your REAL problem is the Internet and dodgy file sharing websites.

Maybe you should be going after the real software pirates, There are thousands of people hawking illegal OLD copies of SAM Broadcaster/SAM Cast/SAM DJ on the torrent and file sharing websites.

YouTube also might also be a good place to look if you want to shut these software pirates down, Again there are hundreds if not thousands of videos on there telling people how to easily pirate old copies of SAM Broadcaster software.

Spacial flagging up a post on my website just makes it look “malicious” on their part because of my dislike for their overpriced software.

Stop being pathetic Spacial Audio and leave this website alone… You have no business reporting us for things we simply haven’t done.

If in doubt in future please consult our DMCA Page

Last updated on: 6th September 2019
at 12:16 PM Europe/London