Certain sections of the Internet radio crowd do their best to knock me because I happen to promote free software over paid for solutions such as SAM Broadcaster/RadioBoss

There’s a reason I’m so passionate about RadioDJ free radio automation software.

RadioDJ free radio automation v2.0.0

We’ve used it since January 2011 now and don’t really have any issues with the software it chugs along all by itself day after day.

If there is an issue its usually computer hardware playing up (Hard drives are usually the main culprits)

RadioDJ does everything we ask of it from playing music to playing an Internet stream.

We don’t even have to interfere with RadioDJ we can just leave it alone to automate.

It’s allowed us to have the music collection catalogued the way we wanted it.

So RadioDJ may not everyone’s cup of tea, But we don’t know why people are so scared of a program that relies on a database server.

How To Install RadioDJ

You should only need to do a little light housework, backing up and optimising from time to to time, Although its best to keep a daily database backup so that way you still have all your songs should the worst happen.

Although RadioDJ and its database rarely go wrong, It’s June 2014 since we last installed our RadioDJ database from scratch.

Having a database also allows you to have some form of website functionality from what’s playing to listener requests.

When software works its a pleasure to use that piece of software. We don’t have any stress using RadioDJ!

We guess there are some people out there still scared of the words Free radio automation software

“The only people who have anything to fear from free software are those whose products are worth even less”

In the case of RadioDJ you don’t need to fear anything It makes Internet radio and music automation FUN again!

You Can’t you blame me for being so in awe of RadioDJ as its the most amazing piece of music automation software EVER!

Last updated on: 24th July 2019
at 10:54 AM Europe/London