We recently heard reports of antivirus programs flagging up the RadioDJ program files as suspicious.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

Avast, Bitdefender, Norton were all flagging up, deleting and quarantining perfectly safe program files.

It annoys us when AV software flags up a perfectly safe program as being infected when it isn’t.

We had the same sort of issues with the RadioDJ.exe a while back. We sent the RadioDJ.exe file to the antivirus company and they came back with this.

So much for it being fixed… after the next update the AV software yet again deleted the RadioDJ program file so we binned that piece of antivirus software off and just started using Windows defender.

You can be rest assured that there is ZERO Malware in RadioDJ.

Malware Skull

Marius the software’s author is having issues with the way he packages the Installer and certain pieces of AntiVirus software think the program files are Infected when they aren’t!

We just have Windows Defender running in the background on our Windows 10 machines & AFAIK that does a good enough job at keeping our computers safe.

That’s the main way you’re likely to get Viruses or Malware on your PC by visiting dodgy malware infested websites, Emails with attachments from people you don’t know or by downloading pirated software from dodgy websites.

We find excluding the RadioDJ program folder(s) from being scanned by Windows Defender gives us optimum performance its a good idea to also exclude the Music folder(s) from being scanned too…

Please take our word for it, RadioDJ is a as safe as houses & there is NO Malware nor are there any Viruses in the program.

RadioDJ free radio automation software for internet radio

How To Install RadioDJ

Personally I think people who write viruses should be banned from using the Internet ever again. We wouldn’t have let RadioDJ near any of our computers if it had Malware or Spyware in it and its a good thing that it doesn’t isn’t it?.

Last updated on: 14th September 2019
at 13:03 PM Europe/London