We’ve seen a huge rise in the numbers of RadioDJ being downloaded it grows month by month year by year.

There have been over 220,000 downloads of RadioDJ v1.8.2 which to my mind makes RadioDJ the Number One Internet radio solution (and quite rightly so!)

Why choose RadioDJ radio automation software?

A more detailed list of RadioDJ features can be found Here

Go on give it a spin today and you might be pleasantly surprised how stable it is compared against other automation solutions that cost $$$

How To Install RadioDJ

The new versions are far more robust and feature packed despite what some people may say.

RadioDJ is more advanced than other automation software we’ve used it since 2010 and it has never let us down.

How many times must I say this? RadioDJ is the software EVERYONE should be using it makes music automation a pleasure not a chore.

Yes we’re fully aware that you need to use separate encoding software to stream the audio from RadioDJ but that still isn’t an excuse for not trying the software.

“Did we mention RadioDJ is Free? Well it is, Free for use by any DJ budding or professional, or radio station anywhere in the world with NO restrictions on use”

Last updated on: 16th July 2019
at 06:53 AM Europe/London