I’ve been collating stats from my WordPress dashboard again.

I wanted to find out how many people had viewed the SAM Broadcaster Key post on this site.


I’ll admit It gave me a shock after I added everything together and saw the figure.

There have been around 71,806+ hits on the various SAM Broadcaster Crack posts since they were originally written.

If all those hits had been potential customers of Spacial Audio that would mean $21,469,994 in lost sales!

We’re just guessing people can’t afford to pay $299 & upwards for radio automation software these days.

I knew from watching the Google analytics stats pages daily that there were a hell of a lot of people looking for SAM Broadcaster Cracks/Keys/Torrents.

You would think with that amount of hits the message would be getting through that people don’t need a SAM Broadcaster key/crack/patch etc…?

We’re not so sure though not a day goes by without us seeing a search for a cracked copy of SAM Broadcaster on the stats pages.

The SAM Broadcaster Key post is still getting lots of traffic.

If the message has got through to some of these people and they’ve decided to use the software suggested that should hopefully mean nearly 70,000+ people are now using RadioDJ instead of some Dodgy Copy of SAM Broadcaster.

We know people are discovering RadioDJ as an alternative to SAM as the latest version of has had over 165,000 downloads.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

RadioDJ is a FREE radio automation program that doesn’t require a key to work the full program. With NO hidden fees or catches just software that works.


(Click on the logo above to download RadioDJ or right click and “Save Link As”)

FAO: Spacial Audio, It’s NOT our fault if there are people out there actively looking for a way to crack & pirate your overpriced software. This blog gives these people the option to use FREE legally available software that doesn’t require keys.

Hey Kids! Stop looking for a SAM Broadcaster Key You don’t need one!

Last updated on: July 4th, 2017
at 11:13 AM Europe/London

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