We look at the latest searches on our website dashboards quite regularly.

Recently someone did a search on this website for a key code for a piece of software.

“It’s not difficult to work out which bit of software they were actually looking for”

sam key code

We think they were searching for a pirated version of SAM Broadcaster”

We did a Google search for the key used and it turns out it was for a really old copy of SAM Broadcaster v3.2.2 (See Google knows everything)

Anyway SAM Broadcaster v3 is donkey’s years old & it was another version of the software that didn’t work as it should, Really it was no better than SAM v2.

Why are people still searching for OLD pirated copies of SAM when technology has moved on since the days of SAM Broadcaster v3.2.2?

“SAM v2/3/4 won’t work/install on Windows 10 anyway so you’re screwed if you want to use an old copy on a newer OS!”

You don’t need a pirated copy of SAM Broadcaster use a better FREE alternative such as RadioDJ

RadioDJ free radio automation software

RadioDJ will outperform any dodgy old copy of SAM Broadcaster that’s for sure!

Reasons to use RadioDJ over a pirated copy of SAM Broadcaster?

  • RadioDJ doesn’t require key codes or activations in order to unlock the full features of the program.
  • RadioDJ is FREE for use by any DJ or radio station anywhere in the world.
  • RadioDJ has no hidden costs or nasty catches.
  • RadioDJ is really stable and reliable it won’t crash and burn.
  • RadioDJ will sound perfect with the built in sound processing.
  • RadioDJ will install & work on Windows 10 unlike old copies of SAM Broadcaster.
  • RadioDJ can run for weeks/months without anyone needing to keep an eye on it.

How To Install RadioDJ

“You’ll be thankful in the end when software isn’t crashing on you all the time like old copies of SAM Broadcaster do frequently”

Why use a pirated copy of SAM Broadcaster anyway?

It makes YOU look like an amateur & most radio station owners won’t take you on if you’re using pirated software.

Who knows one day the message will get through to these people looking for pirated software.

We can but live in hope!

Last updated on: 13th September 2018
at 09:52 AM Europe/London