Christmas 1986 was a very special year for me, my eldest brother bought me The Housemartins – London 0 Hull 4 on cassette for Christmas.

I guess 1986 was my first awakening of popular music. The Housemartins were one of the first bands I was a fan of and this album was just brilliant.

I played the tape to death one my new ghetto blaster even if my tape player kept wanting to chew the tape up. I eventually ended up buying it on Vinyl instead.

London 0 Hull 4

The songs on the album just spoke to me in the way no music before had. It really rang bells with the way the UK was in the 1980s (Sadly nothing much has changed)

Tracks include:

A1 Happy Hour 2:17 (Composed By – Heaton*, Cullimore*)
A2 Get Up Off Our Knees 3:19 (Composed By – Heaton*, Cullimore*, Key*)
A3 Flag Day 5:21 (Composed By – Heaton*, Cullimore*)
A4 Anxious 2:18 (Composed By – Heaton*, Cullimore*)
A5 Reverends Revenge 1:25 (Composed By – Heaton*, Cullimore*)
A6 Sitting On A Fence 2:52 (Composed By – Heaton*, Cullimore*)

B1 Sheep 2:16 (Composed By – Heaton*, Cullimore*)
B2 Over There 2:56 (Composed By – Heaton*, Cullimore*)
B3 Think For A Minute 3:28 (Composed By – Heaton*, Cullimore*)
B4 We’re Not Deep 2:12 (Composed By – Heaton*, Cullimore*)
B5 Lean On Me 4:19 (Composed By – Heaton*, Wingfield*)
B6 Freedom 3:16 (Composed By – Heaton*, Key*Guitar [Noisy] – P.d. Heaton*)

(There were a further 4 songs on the CD that didn’t appear on the Vinyl or Cassette copies of London 0 Hull 4, CD track listing is in the video below)

I never get tired of hearing music by The Housemartins even 30 years on, I must create a playlist in RadioDJ for Christmas day just to relive the first time I heard this album.