A while back we started a little experiment and wrote a few blog posts to do with people wanting and searching for cracked copies of SAM Broadcaster Pro.

You can see how bad the problem of people wanting pirated versions of SAM Broadcaster really is.

We honestly CANNOT see what the fascination is with people wanting and using pirated copies of SAM Broadcaster Pro.

Maybe people can’t afford to pay $299? That’s our best guess.

“Older versions of SAM Broadcaster (2/3/4) won’t work on Windows 10 NOT even in compatibility mode”

These people need to STOP looking for pirated versions of radio automation software and use something else that’s legal and FREE!

RadioDJ is the solution. It doesn’t require any reg keys/crack patches in order to work the full program.

RadioDJ free radio automation software

How To Install RadioDJ

Best part is: RadioDJ won’t put your computer at risk unlike a patched/cracked copy of SAM Broadcaster which is bound to have been altered to contain malware..

“If the experiment has shown one thing: People searching for cracked/pirated copies of SAM Broadcaster Pro really is a problem that is out of Spacial Audio’s control, Despite the numerous DMCA complaints they put in every year”

We can guarantee you once installed and setup RadioDJ will work far better than any patched/cracked version of SAM Broadcaster ever could.

Last updated on: 8th December 2019
at 07:48 AM Europe/London