When I started out as a DJ in 1987 I had a choice of several places in Scunthorpe to buy records from.

Our Price, Woolworths, WH Smith, Boots but my favourite record shop of them all was Record Village a small independent record shop that was just amazing

Record Village opened around 1976 and had 3 shops at one point, the main one 133 High Street, 49 Wrawby Street in Brigg and a small shop at 13 Collum Lane Ashby.

My brothers bought all their Punk Singles and Albums there in the 70s, When I was old enough to go into town on my own I would spend hours in the shop as a teenager just trying to find music that I knew and wanted to play as a DJ.

After I left school I would spent around £15-20 a week on records and Vinyl and CD’s, You could also ask if there were any promos that they could give you and they usually obliged.

Nothing was ever too much trouble if they didn’t have a record in they would happily order you it and not charge you any extra for doing so…

I would also dive into what was called the “Bargain Bin” usually singles that hadn’t charted or had dropped out of the charts, I got some great music from the bargain bin which meant I sometimes got more for my money.

By 1990 I had amassed a great record collection for my DJ work, I’d made a case for my singles at school.

Then in December 1990 just before Christmas some lowlife broke into my house and stole all my records, They didn’t touch my brothers punk collection just my DJ gear. So they knew what they were doing… It cost me a lot of money that year.

It still makes me angry thinking about it.

I had to start again from scratch and Record Village made even more money out of me as I tried to replace what I could.

In the early 90s Record Village moved from their original shop on Scunthorpe High street to a new shop just off the High street on Cole street.

It was split into 2 floors downstairs was where you could buy all the latest chart releases and upstairs was where all the Vinyl and CD’s were, the staircase that lead you up there was so narrow you couldn’t fit more than one person at time up/down them.

A few years later they moved once again into the old post office on Cole street which was just opposite the other shop.

They eventually closed down sometime around 2007 and went online only, Which was a shame because now Scunthorpe has no little independent record shops, The town even lost their HMV store.

The owner has now retired and who can blame him he spent somewhere around 30 years supplying music to the people of Scunthorpe… Thank You Dave Greaves & Staff for such excellent service and prices over the years.

Record Village Scunthorpe, The best little record shop that ever was… I’d like to think so, I’ve been in lots of other record shops and none of them had the same vibe/atmosphere Record Village had.

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